10 Day Self-Love Challenge

Transform your self-love, grow your self-worth and become a LOVE magnet!

In the 10 Day Self Love Challenge I share the exact self-love activities that I did to go from lacking confidence and struggling with my self-worth to HIGH VIBE LOVE MAGNET!

Are you tired of being shy and uncertain about yourself?

Tired of Negative Self-Talk that makes you feel crap and stops you living to your fullest?

Are you ready to learn how to truly love and accept yourself for the perfectly imperfect woman that you are?

It's not your fault, with failed relationships, bad breakups and dating online it can be hard to keep believing in yourself and the possibility to find love. 


Love starts with YOU!

In this FREE 10 DAY CHALLENGE I show you my top self-love activities that will help you create more love for yourself and for others. 
It's time to change your love story... 
Hi, I'm Christina McLoughlin, a Mindset & Self Love Coach who helps free single women from their past relationships and grow their confidence through self-love.

One thing I'm passionate about helping my clients transform is their self-love story.

This 10 Day Challenge will show you how to love the imperfect human that you are! 

  • Each day you will receive a short email from me with your self-love activity for the day
  • Each self-love activity will take no more than 10 minutes
  • There will be Mindset coaching
  • A daily self-love journal
  • Meditations
  • Tapping
  • Access to the 10-day challenge course FOREVER!
  • Access to the Transform you Self Love Facebook community!
I am here for you if you come up against doubts, hesitation, resistance and I will cheer you on through all your love wins. 

With love, 
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